Your Team

Abbey Laird | YouTube Intern.

Abbey is pursuing her bachelors at the University of Iowa and is studying Creative Writing on the Literary and Publishing Track and Cinema. Abbey is currently working on short films.  Which is why at Together, we hired her as our YouTube Intern! That’s right, stay tuned for release of our YouTube videos soon. Abbey’s favorite color is orange. What makes Abbey happy are beautiful films, bookshops, late summer evenings, and crisp fall mornings. Her dream day would be touring museums and bookshops, and going to a small independent cinema in Europe. Abbey’s hometown is Bothell, Washington.



Allison Burchett | Experience Design Intern.

Allison is graduating from Grand Canyon University in April 2019 with a degree in Hospitality Management and a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. Which is why at Together, we hired her as our Experience Design Intern! Allison’s favorite meal is her mom’s homemade chicken enchiladas. If Allison could design her dream day, she would travel to the Amalfi Coast in Italy with her closest friends and her mom. And of course, she would make sure to stop and eat at the best Italian restaurants and gelato spots! Allison’s hometown is Bremerton, Washington.




Barbara Baker| Director of Event Design.

Barbara is a creator, a designer, and a restorer. Barbara has decades of experience bringing dimension and beauty to whatever environment she finds herself. While designing window displays at Nordstrom, you could find her at auctions or boneyards looking for that perfect antique piece that would anchor the display. For 10 years, Barbara was the event designer at a non-profit that produced annual Christmas theaters. What makes Barbara happy is a day skiing with her family. Barbara’s hometown is Sunnyside, Washington.





Diana Smith| Director of Events.

Diana is a teacher of leaders and director of process and people. Diana has decades of experience translating information into multi-dimensional storytelling, graphic design, and music. While directing details and process, Diana has the unique ability to bring life to numbers and encouragement to people to always get a project, event, or experience produced. What makes Diana happy are evening barbeques on the La Jolla beach with her family. Diana’s hometown is Columbus, Ohio.





Catherine Baker | Experience Designer.

Catherine Baker is a leader of celebration. Catherine thrives on bringing people together in meaningful ways where they feel like they belong. With more than twelve years of experience of planning, designing, producing, and hosting events, Catherine has the unique strength to see each client, vendor, and guest for who they are. Catherine has designed events for: international non-profit organizations like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, state-based non-profits like C3 Leaders, businesses like The Greatness Project. Catherine sees each event experience as an opportunity for connection. What makes Catherine happy is her husband’s smile, her sons’ laughter, and cool breezes on sunny spring days. Catherine’s hometown is Maricopa, Arizona.